little giant pumpsWe all have heard about an idiom saying that size does not matter, for Little Giant Pumps this idiom is 100% true. Forget about large size pumps that space consuming and become an eyesore for the eyes but the performance of the pump is not quite as expected. Little Giant sump pumps is known as a trusted name in the wastewater industry, the brand supports several types of pumps from the utility pumps to sump pumps, even sewage pumps. Little Giant sewage pumps has everything you need to do the job done.

Little Giant Utility Pumps is a double duty utility and also transfer pumps. This type of pump is a non-submersible pump that can only be used for light-weight duty such as filling an aquarium, water beds, and others. However, several types of this utility pumps can also be used as sump pumps, although when dealing with large volumes of water the Little Giant Sump Pumps still became the best option to do the work. The Little Giant Sump Pumps are divided into 2 categories, one is the manual pumps and the other one is the automatic pumps. This type of pumps is submersible and sometimes there are additional features equipped in it such as water alarm, extended cord, and others. The sump pumps can also be used for waste water applications.

As for a job to discharge solid and liquid waste, the best pump to do the job is the Little Giant Sewage Pumps. This type of pumps can be fully submersible and also divided into automatic models that are equipped with float switch and the manual models. Choosing a sewage pumps is depends to the size of the sewage whether it is solid or liquid, system pressure drop, elevation, and many others including the size and also the length from the discharge pipes.

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